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New Web-Based Patient Referral Interface

Posted by Kristin Harms

Apr 23, 2018 12:05:06 PM

Easier to Use Referral Interface

Web-Based-Referral-Screen-ShotThe California Smokers' Helpline is pleased to announce it's new interface for our free web-based referral service. Based on feedback we have received from referring providers, the interface has been revised to make it easier to search for your organization, submit multiple referrals, and track referrals by individual health professional.

The service offers busy health professionals a quick and easy method for referring their patients and clients who smoke to the Helpline's free, evidence-based tobacco cessation services, available in multiple languages.

  • Existing Customers: If your organization is already registered with the service, it is just a matter of searching for and finding your organization and then submitting patient referrals as before.
  • New Customers: If your organization is new to the service, you may register by clicking the button below. Organizations wishing to refer Asian language patients only may register here.

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Benefits of Web-Based Referral

  • Quick, easy, and convenient to use
  • Email confirmation issued when referral has been received
  • Once a referral is received, a Helpline representative will make the first attempt to call the patient within 24 hours, and then make five more attempts over the following two weeks
  • Aggregate reports of referral disposition available upon request

Why Refer Patients to the Helpline?

Asking and advising patients to quit is not just good patient care—it can increase the chance that a smoker will make a quit attempt. And studies have shown that smokers who use Helpline counseling are twice as likely to quit as those who don’t.

According to the U.S. Public Health Service Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: Clinical Practice Guideline, 2008 Update, “Telephone quitline counseling is effective with diverse populations and has broad reach. Therefore, both clinicians and health care delivery systems should ensure patient access to quitlines and promote quitline use.”

Thank you for referring your patients and clients to the California Smokers' Helpline. We hope this new interface makes it easier for you to do so!


New Provider Referral Options

Posted by Carrie Kirby

Aug 11, 2016 3:16:59 PM

JyothiMarbin_stethoscope.jpgIn addition to our free web-based referral service, the California Smokers' Helpline is pleased to offer two new, fee for service options for health care providers interested in referring their patients who smoke to our free, evidence-based smoking cessation services.

In 2015, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) determined that the California Smokers’ Helpline meets the Specialized Registry Reporting measure. Eligible professionals can choose to report smokers to the Helpline as part of their Meaningful Use Compliance.

  • DIRECT/Secure Email: Utilizing the Direct Project, which was launched in March 2010 as a part of the Nationwide Health Information Network, health professionals can utilize easy and affordable clinical messaging to send patient referrals to the Helpline. Direct email messages are secure, which means that providers can use them to send patient information to the Helpline and individual level referral data may be sent back to the health professional. 
  • Other Internet Options: For health professionals who utilize Electronic Health Records, the Helpline can set up a secure, HL7 2.X type interface so that patient referrals are sent securely to the Helpline and individual level referral data may be sent back to the health professional. Transport options supported include LLP, TCP/IP, SFTP, and web services. 

Pricing for fee for service options depends on a variety of factors. To find out which option is best and most affordable for your practice, please click below to complete an online form.

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