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California Smokers' Helpline: 1-800-NO-BUTTS

FREE Toolkit: Youth and Tobacco

Youth-and-Tobacco-Handouts.jpgThe California Smokers’ Helpline and its training and technical assistance arm, the Center for Tobacco Cessation, are pleased to offer this free Provider Toolkit, Youth and Tobacco, including:

  • Recorded Webinar and Slide Deck: Youth and Tobacco, presented by Kimberlee Homer Vagadori,  Project Director for the California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN).
  • Patient Handouts: Cigars, Hookah, Marijuana

Tobacco use trends among youth have shifted in recent years.  As cigarette smoking rates decrease, use of other tobacco and nicotine products is increasing.  This webinar highlights changes in tobacco use by teens and explore the factors that contribute to youth use.  Information is also shared about how to encourage teens to quit, and how to engage youth in activities to prevent addiction to tobacco.

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