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FREE Kit: Top Tips for Motivating Smokers to Quit

Landing-Page-Medi-Cal-and-Tobacco-Cessation-Webinar2If you missed our webinar on June 19th, Top Tips for Motivating Patients to Quit, presented by Dean Schillinger, MD, and Gary Tedeschi, PhD, you can download our free kit now, which includes:

  • Webinar Recording: Top Tips for Motivating Patients to Quit
  • Webinar Slide Deck:  Top Tips for Motivating Patients to Quit
  • Q & A: Answers to questions from webinar participants
  • Flyer: How to Motivate Patients to Quit

Smokers have varying degrees of interest in and readiness to quit smoking, and it’s not always clear how best to boost motivation. In this one hour recorded webinar, Drs. Schillinger and Tedeschi provide participants with hands-on strategies for motivating patients to quit, including:

  • How to discuss tobacco cessation with patients
  • Ready-to-use tips to increase motivation such as:
instilling hope
conveying understanding
addressing ambivalence
reframing quitting “failures” as successes
encouraging patients’ own decision-making
assisting with a quit plan comprised of proven methods
  • Following up with patients to assess and maintain motivation

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