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Provider Toolkit: Smoking, Nicotine, and the Brain

The California Smokers’ Helpline and its training and technical assistance arm, the Center for Tobacco Cessation, are pleased to provide this free Provider Toolkit on Smoking, Nicotine, and the Brain.


Brain-Image.jpgTobacco and related products exert their addictive potential through nicotine. In this recorded webinar,  Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, Assistant Professor of Addiction Medicine with the UCLA Department of Family Medicine, will review the mechanisms through which these products deliver nicotine and the through which neural pathways nicotine exerts is effects on the brain.

The implications of neuroscience on both the health of active tobacco product users and on tobacco product use cessation treatment strategies are discussed.

The webinar concludes with a discussion on the clinical and organizational implications associated with implementing smoking cessations strategies, in light of the research on nicotine and the brain.

Toolkit Contents

  • TYP-Toolkit-Image-Smoking-Nicotine-and-the-Brain_600x275.jpgWebinar recording and slide deck
  • Handouts:
    • What's in Cigarette Smoke?
    • Top 10 Tips to Quit Smoking
    • Quit Aids: Tools to Quit Smoking


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