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Free Webinar: What Works? Evidence-Based Tobacco Treatments

Posted by Lesley Copeland

Aug 26, 2015 11:50:58 AM

TCalifornia_Smokers_Hotline_43he California Smokers’ Helpline and its training and technical assistance arm, the Center for Tobacco Cessation, are pleased to host this free webinar on Wednesday, September 2nd from 1 to 2 pm PST, What Works? Evidence-Based Tobacco Treatments, presented by Scott E. Sherman, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Population Health, Medicine and Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine and Co-Chief of the Section of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use.

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Webinar Overview

According to the Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence Clinical Practice Guideline, 2008 Update, tobacco dependence interventions, if delivered in a timely and effective manner, significantly reduce the smoker’s risk of suffering from smoking-related disease. Indeed, “it is difficult to identify any other condition that presents such a mix of lethality, prevalence, and neglect, despite effective and readily available interventions.”

So, what are effective treatments for tobacco use? Dr. Sherman will provide the latest information on the common elements of effective interventions, including:

  • Epidemiology and Burden of Tobacco Use
  • Evidence - Based Treatment:
    • Clinical Practice Guidelines: updates on combination, pre-cessation, and long-term use
    • Behavioral Interventions
    • Brief discussion of pharmacotherapy
  • Q & A

About the Presenter

Photo-Scott_ShermanAfter receiving his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Sherman completed a residency in Primary Care Internal Medicine at Bellevue Hospital Center/New York University Medical Center and then a research fellowship in General Internal Medicine at Boston University. Dr. Sherman joined the faculty at University of California, Los Angeles in 1991 and was a staff physician for the Veterans Health Administration (VA). In 2005, he transferred back to New York City, where he is currently Associate Professor of Population Health, Medicine and Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine and Co-Chief of the Section of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use.

Dr. Sherman’s area of interest in general is how to redesign health care systems to better help people quit smoking. He is particularly focused on Translational Studies, which examine the effectiveness of interventions in routine practice, as well as how to disseminate and implement them. Dr. Sherman is currently leading five major grants: 1) Effectiveness of smoking-cessation interventions for urban hospital patients (NIH/NHLBI), 2) Patterns of communication and information transfer among hookah users (NIH/NCI), 3) a mid-career mentoring award (K24 – NIH/NIDA), 4) Proactive outreach to smokers in VA Mental Health Clinics (VA Health Services Research and Development Service), and 5) NYU/Abu Dhabi Public Health Research Center.

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